Wheel and Track Standards

Mike Calvert

As in P48, and I'd guess in P87, many of the arguments against ProtoNN
contain a lot of nonsense designed to justify avoiding the conversion.
However it's not "better" or "worse"- everybody makes his own decision,
based on his view of the world; each to his own. You either do it, or you
don't, and I hope you enjoy your hobby.
I cannot see many on this list converting to P87, because most are in the
category with big investments.
But the cat is out of the bag- especially for this Group of fanatical
disciples of Getting It All Right, there is an obvious inconsistency in
achieving truly remarkable accuracy in every other feature on the car, and
having wheel treads that are 20-40% overscale.
You'll never be able to look at a model photo again without seeing it, as
SGL points out.

I predict this thread will end soon!
Mike Calvert

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