Its the track ... stupid!


<< " Most of us turn a blind eye to this which is perhaps the most
unprototypical looking aspect of model railroads. It is especially evident
in the
special work with all the grossly too wide flangeways etc."

In a message dated 8/14/03 6:21:56 PM, brockm@... responds:

<<Is there anything else other than the flangeway that is incorrect? I
recently measured some ME code 83 rail and it matches perfectly with some ARA 132 lb
rail dimensions. I say some because the '55 Track cyc includes many different
sized rail of the same weight. >>

I think 132 is on the high side of the distribution of rail size for most
steam era mainlines. Of course it matters which "main" you are modeling (see
below). 115 lb rail used to be really common I believe. It is another one of
those things that once you notice the discrepancy, it is difficult going

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