Re: Wheel and Track Standards

C J Wyatt

<< ... But the cat is out of the bag- especially for this Group of fanatical
disciples of Getting It All Right, there is an obvious inconsistency in
achieving truly remarkable accuracy in every other feature on the car, and
having wheel treads that are 20-40% overscale.... >>

As much as Proto:87 appeals to me because of the better looking track,
wheels, and trucks, what's the point if 3/8" thick structural pieces become
0.004" or 5/8" handholds become 0.007". These model dimensions have to be
greatly increased to have any strength. Inconsistencies are unavoidable with
Proto:87. Because of my perfectionistic tendencies, I think I'm going to go
with Proto:64. Some details with S scale still have to be oversized, but not
nearly as bad as with HO. I'll be giving up a lot of products that are
available in HO, but they are just not satisfying anymore.

Jack Wyatt

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