Re: ADMIN: Wheels have rolled far enough (8:40PM PDT)

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Mike, it is still 8:40 PM PDT!

I really have to take polite exception to your summary statement #2 about .088" wheels derailing on frogs above #8.

I will not be so foolish as to say "never", but I can say with the confidence of good repeatable observation in real experience in real time with multiple tests, that at least with one manufacturer's wheels (Reboxx, the ones that I happen to have), this simply has not proved out to be true in any sense.

On the common "test" route on my layout, my test train with a majority of cars (about 30 of mixed parentage) with .088" wheels, the train will traverse two curved 83 #12's and four 83 #10s. It will also traverse one 83#8 double slip, one 70 #6 double slip, several 70 and 83 #8s, and one 70 #6. Not once (that is, not once) has any of these cars with narrow wheels yet derailed at any of these frogs. Do they drop into the frogs? They may well, but if so it has not been brought to my attention, even when I purposely observe (as I just did several minutes ago).

Have I had derailments, yes, but never yet at a frog with any truck or car with .088" wheels, and the derailments have so far all been related to other track and other wheel issues (the reason why I run this test train).

Can I back this 40 car train through these broad turnouts? Yes, I have done that successfully several times (for other reasons).

I have a ten car push/pull passenger train that has all .088" wheels, and I have operated it in push mode for hours on end (hypnosis!) through this same smorgasbord of turnouts at high speeds, also without a single problem at any frog at any time.

I truly believe that the theoretical problem of .088" wheels derailing at the frogs of larger number turnouts should remain just that, one that at least in my hands cannot be currently validated.


Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, CA

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