Re: 53'6" GSC as PRR F41

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

Lots of roads owned this car.....but the PRR 's car was different
from the Walthers and Tichy car but works as a stand in

Greg Martin
OK, I will bite, what modifications are needed or errors are present
in using the Walthers or Tichy car as a F41?

Garrett, at least some of the F41's decks look somewhat different as
far as the steel parts that are not covered by wood decking. I have a
shot of one car that clearly shows this -- but on the other hand, PRR
converted some F41's into bulkhead flats and this photo I have may be
one of those with the bulkheads removed. There are lots of holes in
the steel for attachments!

From the side and end, they look pretty much like standard GSC flats,
with 16 stake pockets and the double-taper fishbelly. A builder photo
of a bulkhead car shows tie-down staples all along the length of the

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