Re: MDC steam era auto car

Rob Adams


I happen to have one of the MDC WP cars with the automobile doors on the
A end, but I believe MDC also makes a version without the end doors.
The B-end is a 2(3?)-3-3 inverse Dreadnaut end.

The radial roof is cast as part of the body. The underframe is a
separate part.

The roof does appear to be the same as shown in photos of Wabash SS auto
box cars that I have in my collection. I can't comment about the MP/T&P

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

ed_mines wrote:

What kind of an end does the MDC 50 ft. single sheathed auto car have?

Is the roof a separate part?

The roof is the same as the Westerfield MP/TP auto cars (and Wabash
single sheathed auto box cars) but longer, right?

Ed Mines

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