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Here's my question: The body has a warp in one side that prevents
the floor from installing correctly. How do I remove this without
damaging the body? Is it a function of carefully warming that side
until I can push it into proper position? Any advice will be
appreciated, I'm very much looking forward to my first resin kit!
(I've gone through the archives, but can't seem to find anything
about this. I'm sure it may be in there somewhere.)

Jeff Carson

This is a fairly common issue to deal with resin kits, whether they're a one
piece body or a flat kit.

In the case of a one piece body however, do not attempt adjusting things via
softening the parts with heat. You're more likely to create some other

Instead, go get some styrene strips (at least .125" X .125" or so) and create
some interior bracing. Size the braces to match the interior width at the
ends, and create about 4 or 5 evenly spaced braces, installing them 90 degrees
to the car's centerline, and high enough into the car body to clear the floor.
Make sure the cut ends are cut square & true and a good ACC bond will result
between the side & the bracing.

I've done the same basic thing with flat kits to control the top of the sides
when they've bowed out (or in). In the case of an open sided stock car I've
accomplished the same result using wide, flat braces made from fairly thick
sheet stock, around .030" or so. By placing it high in the car side, it
doesn't show between the stock car slats.

Open cars like a gon, though is not so easily fixed!

Tom C

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