LPG Plant

Ted Larson

Dave, I just thought of an excellent excuse for LPG cars in
an urban environment
I'm curious why this is a question. I frequently see LPG plants in
urban areas. There are still many areas that don't have natural gas
lines in the neighborhoods, so people that want gas for stoves and
water heaters use bottled gas. The typical bottled gas plant is fenced
in, has many tanks of various sizes "on hand", has unloading facilities
for the tank car, and loading facilities for the tanks and for the tank
truck that delivers the LPG to the customers. There typically is also
a small shed and maybe an office building. The gas plant need not be
adjacent to the spur. The line from the spur to the LPG plant can run
under the tracks or underground to a site away from the tracks.

Ted Larson

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