Re: Wanted other accurate tank cars, WAS: Tank cars w/platforms

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. In any case, a
model of such a car would doubtless be dismissed as bogus by the (dare I
say this?) train set bozos, who "know" that on multi-compartment tank cars
all the domes are the same size. After all, they've seen plenty of models
that exemplify this from Lionel, Athearn, AHM, and other exemplars of
prototype accuracy.

Richard H. Hendrickson
And might I add, TYCO, who together with AHM, fabricated the myth that Santa
Fe owned aqua-blue/green stock cars! Sheesh!

I suppose that short of limited production brass, that an accurate multi-dome
steam era tank will only have a chance of existing as a resin offering. Lets
hope Sunshine's' new cars sell well enough to generate an expansion of

It would also be nice to see a few 6K gal tanks cars come about as well.

Tom C

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