Re: Color Of Freight Car Trucks

Jim Scott

Thanks to all who have written about the painting of
Freight Car Trucks.


Does your statement mean that if I am modeling the 50s
or later, my trucks can be a mixture of black and
"same as the body" colored trucks? (Mainly SP cars)

Jim Scott
Lompoc, CA.

Guy Wilber writes:

Heavy bodied asphalt paint (black) was widely used
as a rust inhibitor on
trucks by manufacturers into 1948. In that year
the AAR banned the use of
these heavy types of paints because they prevented
visual inspections
(for >cracking) of side frames and bolsters.
Painting was still allowed;
Rule 3, (t) >(3e) "parts may be coated with light
bodied paint that will
not prevent >detection of flaws or cracks in
ordinary inspection. Car
wheels must NOT be >painted. "Note -- Existing
truck side frames and
bolsters painted with heavy base paint or having
accumulation of rust
scaled, must have such paint and scale >removed
when cars receive general

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