Re: So why are we doing this?

Dave & Libby Nelson <muskoka@...>

Richard writes on his reasoning for a new group:

1. ... 33,000 gal. tank cars....
2. I'm tired of being abused as an elitist snob....
3. I'm tired of the same old topics being discussed ... by new
subscribers who
weren't around when they were discussed before.
Item 1 can be addressed by establishing a different, group. The only way to
deal with item 2 is to keep the new group closed, by invitation only. Dunno
if egroups allows for that. Dunno what Mike wants either.

At any rate, what I'd like is (no particular order):

- Fine scale modeling of freight cars. Model railroading including freight
cars is meerly a coincidental interest. I can join Jim Six's group or stay
with the FC list would my priorites to reverse.

- my personal interests of historical research at the fleet level (ORER, ICC
stuff, industrial stuff, etc.) remaining welcome.

- All historical material relevant to support fine scale modeling.

- Persons having both adult opinions and skins.

- I understand opinions vary on when the steam era ended. I think <=1956 is

- While not yet an author, I have appreciated and learned from much of the
discussion over on the FC list on issues faced by authors of material on
these topics.

I could go on....

On a technical level, I do like egroups web access, searching capability,
file storage, and opinion polling -- very much an improvement compared to

Dave Nelson

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