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Great to know,I just bought a Red Caboose car that was only available as a
"built up ".The final price for the car plus shipping made the car even more
expensive than a prototypically accurate resin kit would cost.The car has an
incorrect underframe,inaccurate trucks and I am questioning the accuracy of
the paint scheme .When shipping costs as much as a quarter of the total
price of the car, that hobby shop has seen the last of my business.Armand

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In the past there has been a lot of discussion about RTR and the
scarcity of kits. A few days ago I went to the hobby shop for some
Not to blow any shop's horn but Whistle Stop in Pasadena, CA. has tons
of Red caboose kits. Those of you interested may want to contact them.
I'm fairly sure they might want to sell these kits.

Paul Catapano

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