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The four kits that I built if used Evergreen .025" styrene rod to plug the
holes first. I first softened the end with solvent, then quickly shoved it into
the hole. There should be a slight amount of styrene the oozes out at the
edge, and yet, won't damage the paint on a prepainted car.

I use a flush cutting nippers to clip the end off above the car side and
proceed to the next hole. I found it's necessary to let it set overnight before
drilling out the plugged holes. Replacing the oversize & delicate plastic grabs
with scale sized wire grabs makes a nice improvement to the car, but, there
are a lot of holes to fill!

Tom C

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A question for Richard H. and others.

For those who have sufficient numbers of the earlier LLP2K Mather
stock car models what is the perfered method to fill the large holes
for the plastic hand grips? Did you use the bolt heads from the ones
in the kit or substitute with others?

Bob Witt

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