Ted Larson

Not being my field at all there is somehting I don't understand in
all of
this. If the LPG is in a liquid state more from cold than from
pressure where
is the cold coming from in the middle of the summer? I know some tank
car are
insulated but how long is that going to keep 11,000 gals. of LPG
"cold"? Can
you or someone else explain this for a lay person?
Here's some pertinent points from what I have read;
- the tank is insulated to keep the heat out, similar to insulated
- there is a vent to let out gas that develops due to slow warming of
the LPG.
It would appear that the thermal mass of the LPG plus the tank
insulation is enough that the LPG warms up slowly enough for most of it
to make it to the destination, still liquid, in the tank.

Ted Larson

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