Re: Red Caboose Kits

Rob Adams


What number is the car you purchased and what time period are you
modeling? As Richard Hendrickson has pointed out, the CGW received
three groups of those cars and some details varied with each delivery.

The first two groups (85000-85998 and 86000-86998, even numbers only)
had KC brake gear as delivered, while 150 cars in the 87000-87998 series
were delivered with AB brake gear. Cars 85900-85998 (50 cars) had
Duryea underframes.

The 86000 series was delivered with Ajax power hand brakes and Dalman
2-level trucks. These are the easiest to model in HO with the Red
Caboose cars (Eastern Car Works Dalman trucks work great).

The 87000 series came with trucks that had both coil and eliptic springs
(no perfect replica available in HO) and a type of power hand brake
(maybe an early Equipco????) that is not available in HO, though a
reasonable approximation can be made from a Kadee Equipco brake wheel by
carefully removing the inner "circle".

I started with a kit and made several modifications to create a pretty
good replica of an 86000-series car. I'd be happy to share photos
and/or details of the upgrades.

More information about the cars (along with several photos) may be found
in the Summer, 1992 issue of North Western Lines, published by the
C&NWHS. One word of warning...the article does contain some factual
errors and discusses the 89000-series cars as if they were nearly
identical, when in fact there are many differences.

Best regards, Rob Adams

armand premo wrote:

Ben,It was a CGW X-29 type. Box car. Questions:Paint
scheme,Trucks,Underframe,and Doors.Thanks,Armand
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Armand Premo wrote:
Great to know, I just bought a Red Caboose car that was only
available as a "built up ". The final price for the car plus
shipping made the car even more expensive than a prototypically
accurate resin kit would cost. The car has an incorrect underframe,
inaccurate trucks and I am questioning the accuracy of the paint

Armand, which car did you buy? We can definitely help you out
regarding accuracy - in fact, that goes for anyone here looking to
buy assembled kits. Just post to the list before you put down any
money. ;-)

Ben Hom

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