Re: Red Caboose Kits

Rob Adams


Ted's comments are certainly on the mark...and he only hints at the
problems with the sides...the rivet pattern isn't right.

Still though... if you make the basic changes, along with modifying the
door tracks, substituting straight grab irons for the X29 grabs, and
change the retainer line, you'll have a pretty nice CGW car.

Best regards, Rob

Ted Culotta wrote:

On Monday, September 15, 2003, at 04:22 PM, armand premo wrote:

Ben,It was a CGW X-29 type. Box car. Questions:Paint
scheme,Trucks,Underframe,and Doors.Thanks,Armand

I hate to say it, but the only things right with the car are the roof,

doors and paint schemes. The ends are wrong because the CGW cars were

3" narrower than the ARA cars. That's getting pretty nit-picky, but
since we're discussing it, we should be honest. I have thought before

about when I get my Sherline mill, cutting up the side sections to
a correct CGW car! If you're okay with the aforementioned issues
(they're not glaring), then just move the crossties under the door
posts, move the bolsters inward 6" and add ECW Dalman two level

Ted Culotta

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