Re: Dew v Condensate

Larry Lee <jlawrencelee@...>

Tsk, tsk. Basic high school biology Chris. "Dew" appears on grass
because the grass continues to pull moisture from the ground during
the night. During the sunny daytime, this moisture evaporates so
you don't notice it. So real "dew" is actually water coming out of
the leaves of grass.
Tim is also correct as far as the biological side goes. The true dew that
one finds on grass in the morning is often a combination of the grass's
transpiration, little overnight evaporation, and condensed water vapor that
forms in the atmosphere. The last often forms around some minute dust
particle and falls to earth kind of like a very small rain drop. Its low
mass and air currents usually keep it from seeming like rain. Comparing
grass to bare steel blurs the picture a little, because the living grass is
warmer than the steel during much of the night.

The main point is that "condensation" is the correct term for the formation
of water on the bare journals.

Larry Lee
Auburn, AL

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