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i do apply a film
of Mobil 1 synthetic 30 weight motor oil, to the axle ends prior to
placing the car in service. this keeps the squeeking down and the
trucks roll like there is no friction left at all. i also use the
Mobil 1 to lube any valve gear joints. does a super job!<<<<<<

hmmmmm, not sure if that's legal for a steam era car, synthetic oil has
not been around that long!

Ted Larson

Well, maybe not in the US, excluding the aviation industry, I believe large
scale use of synthetic oil was started by the Nazi's in the 1940's in reaction
to their war time needs, roughly around late 1942/early 1943 or so.

For model railroad use, aren't some of the Labelle lube products synthetic?
Personally, I'd prefer to have free rolling trucks that don't require lube,
there are some fine rolling trucks out there now. Certainly so, in HO, I can't
speak for other scales.

Tom Casey

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