Re: Give me a brake

Rob Adams


I'm not familiar with the original equipment on those hoppers, but from
your description, it sounds like KD brakes are what you are shooting

There are at least a couple of options which would probably look better
than cutting the KC brake appliance up.

Tichy makes a nice set of KD brake components that is original equipment
on their USRA hoppers. I don't know the part nubmer off hand, but know
it is available separately.

Intermountain has a pretty decent set of KD brake appliances from their
USRA gon. I don't know about the availability, but in the past I've had
good luck getting parts from them.

I hope this helps.

Best regards, Rob Adams

Clark Propst wrote:

I want to back date a couple of Bowser GLa hoppers Ben Hom was nice
enough to provide me with. I'm making them M&StL, xCRR they have K
brakes. There are two parts to the brake unit. One beside the other.
thinking of just cutting a Tichy K brake part in two and gluing the
pieces side by side. Is there a better way?
Thanks all,
Clark Propst

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