Re: Sunshine hopper minikit; was Re: Atlas 2-bay Offset Hopper

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

Curt, Martin sells a mini-kit that consists of a complete,
very thin resin side overlay for the Atlas hopper. You shave
off and sand down the sides of the Atlas car and apply the
overlay. He sells it with different decals including C&O,
NKP, C&I, and Montour. It's an "alternate standard" car so
you can model others as well including Erie, NP, IC I think.

Okay, what ad did I miss? What mini-kit? IIRC, the alternate needs a
whole new side, not just changing the gussets.

Curt Fortenberry

I have been gathering material to proceed with the Sunshine mini-kit
for the AAR Alternate Standard 2-bay hopper.

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