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I saw that Hundman article that showed the technique, I think it was a
scratch built CB&Q stockcar. I tried doing it a few times as well. I suggest
working over a white background to help find those that get loose. I used a
chisel blade to shave three at a time off of an Athearn 50'' plug door box car. I
wouldn't use this method to build a long row of rivets, but it is useful in
placing a few rivets in small groups here and there, say, in the center of a
panel, or, on thicker (non sheet) parts, such as an end sill.

For a long row of fine rivets, I'd still stick with the NWSL riveter, and on
mine, I made a simple fixture to index along the "Y" axis.

Better still, the Tichy rivets are available in as small as .020" size, which
is suitable for some of the larger rivets on some HO car applications.

Tom C

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I don't have experience doing this either, but intend to do it, and have
read about it - It has been covered in Mainline Modeler a number of times by
Bob Hundman.

As I recall it, he simply shaves off the rivet with a very sharp blade,
taking all of the rivet and a tiny skim of side as well. I think the skim
of side helps ensure the rivet is positioned upright on the model. He
positions the rivet using a fine pointed blade (Xacto?) and a dab of saliva
to hold the rivet to the blade till it's placed. The puddle of glue used on
the styrene model surface to bond the rivets on essentially dissolves that
skim of side and leaving only rivet visible.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm adding the skim of side stuff or whether I
got that from Hundman.

Anyway, that's enough for me to believe I can master it next time I'm
applying rivets. Getting them properly spaced|? That's another matter

Rob Kirkham

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