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Curt, Martin sells a mini-kit that consists of a complete,
very thin resin side overlay for the Atlas hopper. You shave
off and sand down the sides of the Atlas car and apply the
overlay. He sells it with different decals including C&O,
NKP, C&I, and Montour. It's an "alternate standard" car so
you can model others as well including Erie, NP, IC I think.
All listed except IC are correct. Add to the list ATSF, BAR, CRR, L&A, L&M, M&
StL, and P&S (ex-Erie). I've heard through the grapevine that Frank Hodina is
working on a set of masters for the IC 50-ton hopper that deviates from both
the AAR Standard and Alternate Standard designs.

One problem with the overlay concept is the resulting sides are thicker than
the Atlas model already is, plus the interior of the car does not replicate
the prototype cars. This isn't a significant problem for loaded cars, but is for
empties. And hoppers were probably empty more often than they were loaded.

Maybe someday good models of 50-ton offset-side AAR Standard and Alternate
Standard hopper cars will be available, including having accurate interior
detail with the offset showing from the inside. Well, I can always hope.
Ed Hawkins

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