Re: Harvesting rivets

Andy Carlson

-One thing that I wish to add about harvested rivets.

Make sure the donor car is PAINTED-and on a body
molded in a contrasting color. These sub .015 rivets
are just "dots" to us with average eyesight, and the
plastic colored areas signal the bottom of the rivet.
If you don't wish to become a senior-citizen before
your project is finished, another technique to
transfer the rivet to it's final home I suggest:
Use a fresh #11 blade in your knofe, and LIGHTLY spear
the painted area of the donor rivet. Place it in the
desired location, and place a small amount of MEK
solvent. Immediately remove the knife, and the rivet
will be home. Spearing the rivet too forcefully, or
with an old blade, will cause a surface rupture (BAD)
and the rivet will not stay behind after placement.
You will be surprised on how fast rivets go on this
way. I also store my collected rivets in a small clear
medicine cap, which allows all-over even light to make
spearing easier.
-Andy Carlson

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