Re: rivet heresy/what's old is new

Manfred Lorenz

--- In STMFC@..., Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@s...> wrote:
Another thought - could one get drawings made into dry transfers -
just the
rivet portions, that is - and apply them to styrene sheet to make a
for a resin model? I'm thinking about all the various car sides
different patters that exist.
That is an idea a manufacturer should make comments about.

One idea, perhaps patent applicable, would be to laser print on the
real cars. I dunno how this is done on the P2k and other models but
if the laser loads the plastic electrically a tiny amount of color
could attracted in the desired places and baked on or stuck on.

I could imagine to give the car a clear finish, matte or gloss and
load it with the laser printer cannon. Then let it hover over the
color powder to attract the color/ink particles and let dry.


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