Re: Chicago

Tim O'Connor

Hop over to the Art Institute of Chicago and drink in Edward Hopper's
and quite a few other goodies... (There's no Ted Rose watercolors, but
there ought to be!)

Apologies for any cross posting.

I have a four hour layover in Chicago between trains on Sunday and was
wondering what, if anything I should do with that time. I arrive (Amtrak
and God willing) on the Lake Shore Limited at 9:10 am and depart on the
California Zephyr at 2:15 pm. Are there any hobby shops close enough
that are worth visiting? And would they be open? What about the Museum
of Science and Industry? Of course, if Amtrak runs true to form,, the
Lake Shore Limited will be so late they will have to hold the CZ and the
whole issue becomes moot.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Regards, Spen Kellogg

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Sterling, Massachusetts

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