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Jim Scott

I have five of the Intermountain composite gondolas
made as the convention car in San Jose. I found out
with the original weight that comes with the car that
the car is too lite. I added the sugar beet load from
Chooch and combined with the original weight and metal
wheel sets, it comes right up to the NMRA suggested
weight. I have also done the same with the Red
Caboose composite gons that I have. The Chooch load
and metal wheel sets make the weight of the car right

Jim Scott
Lompoc, CA
--- benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...> wrote:
Glenn Joppich wrote:
I was cleaning up in the shop and ran across an old
kit I never
finished. It is an Intermountain USRA composite drop
bottom gondola,
NYC 349691. I bought it because I liked the idea of
the real wood
sides and wanted to leave it as an open car.
Unfortunately there is
no weight block for it and it's light as a feather.
I wasn't able to
find any weights thin enough to work so it went on
the back burner.
I went on Intermountain web site and saw that Reboxx
makes weights
for this car but now, with my new prototype
blinders, I'm wondering
how this car stacks up.

NYC received 250 USRA composite gons from AC&F in
1918 in Lot 389-G,
NYC 349500-349749. Cars were renumbered to NYC
658500-658749 (drop
bottom) or NYC 623500-623749 (fixed bottom) All cars
were rebuilt to
all-steel gons in 1937 (Funaro Nos. 6600 and 6601,
marketed by Central Hobby Supply in their "West
Shore Line" of kits.)

NYC information is from Terry Link's CASO website:

I haevn't seen this specific kit, but judging from
the car number,
I'm assuming it's in the as-delivered scheme. If it
is, it's good
for you if you model the early 1920s. If you model
post-1937, one
option would be to replace the wood side inserts
with styrene to
model a PRR Class G24 car rebuilt with steel sides.

I haven't seen the Reboxx weights, but if it turns
out that they're
too obtrusive, you can always model the car with a
load to solve the
weight problem.

Ben Hom

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