Re: AAR hopper cars

Earl Tuson

Tim O'Connor, continuing to be skeptical says,

Ok, he's brought in one through girder bridge, and one steel column.
Kinda 'spensive but they look nice. But bridges ain't freight cars.
Three bridges actually. But you are right, freight cars they aren't. Originally, the proposal was to simply have an S scale build of the Rich Yoder cars (Rich was cooperating.) However, as we found some errors on the O scale model (NASG 2002,) he decided he wanted to get all of them corrected. Since then, he has been fed resources, data, and such, and this thread itself has even opened an additional door for him.

Since my only other (purchased) option is to <m>uck with the American Models sort-of-AAR-non-standard offset, I will support his project any way I can. (Okay, okay, SHS has a decent plastic 30'6 NYC offset twin coming, but the applicability is pretty limited.)

Earl Tuson

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