Re: PFE R-70-7

Tim O'Connor

I for one will be thrilled to see an accurate Santa Fe mechanical
reefer at long last! But how can we get a PFE and an SFRD car in
plastic? Sounds fishy, pardon my skepticism... They have little
in common with each other.

Anyway, Frank's kitbash is quite simple -- those are unmodified
Athearn car sides (except for cast on ladder removal) with new
replacement ends and roof. I don't know what he used for a floor
but the Accurail 50 foot box car floor is a peachy replacement
for the garbage Athearn floor. I recently did much the same thing
with a Pacific HO/Silver Steak reefer.

The reason for the different ends is that the "real" bulkhead in
a mechanical reeefer on the end with the refrigeration equipment
is inboard of the end of the car -- so a lightweight end (in this
case the 5/5 dreadnaught) has plenty of strength. Plus PFE may
have gotten a price break, since the 5/5 was obsolete by then.


Yes the two different ends is correct. We might see this as a styrene kit in the future. While the PFE was working on Mechanical reefers in the early to mid 50's the Santa Fe was working on their own version (starting with the RR-53) and there several photos of the PRR shifting one around in Enola as well as a couple of examples of the the RR-54's on the Horseshoe Curve while steam was still alive...! This allows for we that model steam era to see these in the "Ship and Travel" paint schemes. Watch for this group of cars (RR-53/54/55/56) as well.

Greg Martin

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