Re: Amtrak Schedules

Tim O'Connor

Jeff, I admire your courage at defending the indefensible. I
have given many thousands of dollars to Amtrak over the years,
but I'm not a customer anymore. I think most people can tolerate
an occasional late arrival -- but after a while not knowing if
you're going to arrive in time for OTHER THINGS you have
planned gets very wearisome. And the absurdity of a train
that travels at under 50 mph in the 21st Century and that
costs 2x-3x as much as flying, is just too ridiculous for

While this can be true, it nonetheless is indicative of a "double
standard" in peoples view of on-time performance. If you were
driving from New York to Chicago and estimated it would take you 13
hours (or consulted AAA who would tell it takes such-and-such number
of hours) and when you actually finished the trip it took 14 hours,
you would not be bitching about how f***ed up everything is that you
couldn't make it in 13 hours. The whole point of traveling by long
distance train is to relax and get your nose off your watch. So the
train gets there at 10 instead of 9 -- so what.

Jeff English
Troy, New York

Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> -->> NOTE EMAIL CHANGE <<--
Sterling, Massachusetts

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