Re: Automobile cars

Larry Smith


American Motors was a minor player in the auto industry and if I'm not
mistaken Kenosha was their only assembly plant. So they would have to
find the means to ship assembled cars. You will notice in the article
that the yard was first used to ship car carriers piggyback style before
the introduction the the racks.

Larry Smith

rwitt_2000 wrote:

Not exactly the case based upon the recent article in RMC about the
specially built yard in Bain, Wisconsin on the C&NW for the American
Motors assembly plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It seems to have been
built to utilized the new auto racks for shipment of assembled
automobiles. Plus Kenosha is about as far from either coast as one
can get.

Bob Witt

--- In STMFC@..., Larry Smith <wooddale@b...> wrote:

Now there are less assembly plants and a lot of cars entering the
country on ROROs and the cars are dispatched from large marshalling
yards, thus the need for the autoracks.

Larry Smith

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