Re: Models to Naperville

Tim O'Connor

John, models are simply left in the display room.
There is always someone there while the doors are
open. A few things have been damaged but I have not
heard of any thefts. After hours the room is locked
up. It's right off the lobby and restaurant so it's
impossible to enter the room without anyone seeing.
Models have to be removed on Saturday evening.

The zoo is good. Also there is a Children's Museum,
Naper Village (kind of like Plimouth Plantation or a
very mini-Williamsburg), the Field Museum, the Art
Institute, etc etc etc...

And there's always BASEBALL! I think last year there
was quite a lot of howling and cheering going on in
the bar while we watched the World Series Angels on TV.

Ted Culotta and I have been discussing bringing models
to Naperville. What is the protocol for models and
display? Is there a private, locked room where we can
leave them overnight, or is the model display just for
an hour or two every day, or just for one day?

I'll arrive on Wednesday afternoon and will be staying
at the Residence Inn in Warrenville (about eight miles
from the Holiday Inn). I've got some free nights to
burn there, plus the wife and son want to join me and
hit the zoo, etc. while I'm at the meet. Can anyone
suggest cool things to do in the area for families?

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> -->> NOTE EMAIL CHANGE <<--
Sterling, Massachusetts

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