Re: coffee

Richard Hendrickson

It is obvious that none of these guys have been east of Pittsburgh for a
long while or maybe not at all! After all, people from Philly who go to
the west coast have to import things like cheese steaks, hoagies (not to
be mistaken for subs!), Tastycakes & pies, pizza and coffee as it is
made in the east. Pizza made in the italian pizzerias in Philly or New
York come in sizes up to cartwheels with everything you can think of as
toppings. One or two of these and you need help to get across the
room! Coffee, made properly, is good for a lot of things from staining
furniture (color does not come off, no matter what you use),
waterproofing basement railroad room walls, or keeping you awake through
those long slide sessions that last to dawn!....
So that's why so many easterners are seriously overweight and have
digestive problems....

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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