Branchline 40' SP&S Limited edition boxcars

Andy Carlson

New SP&S product.....

BranchlineTrains has just released their 40' HO SP&S
"billboard initials" AAR steel boxcar 4 Pack kits
their limited edition series of blueprint series
Like all of their other limited edition kits, these
are a one-time only production, and therefore will
be re-run. I have a good selection of these cars
I am making available to the Members of this list.

The list price is $59.80, and I am offering these 4
pacs at $45.00, plus $6.95 shipping to the Western
States. East of the Rockies will be $7.95. I can
insurance for $1.30 for those who wish it.

If interested in these cars, contact me off-list at
midcentury@... > Thanks,
-Andy Carlson

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