Re: GTW maple leaf herald (was rebuild...)

Tim O'Connor

Ed Hawkins wrote

According to AC&F bill of materials for lot 3394, series 515500-515999,
the entire car including underframe and trucks was painted Mineral Brown
with white stencils and green background for the monogram.

And Don Valentine replied

Thanks, Ed. That is five years earlier than I've been able to find evidence
for the green maple leaves previously, which probably dates it back to at
least 1948 for the CNR proper.

Don, I think you misunderstood what Ed wrote. Or I did. Anyway,
Ed Hawkins published builder photos of GTW #515568 (1949) and
#516100 (1953) in Railmodel Journal, Nov 1990. NEITHER CAR appears
to have a maple leaf herald. If they do, then they must have
used a green filter to take the photo. (Which is not beyond the
realm of possibility since one of the photos looks washed out.)

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