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Michael Aufderheide, AIA <maufderheide@...>

Shawn and all,

The flyer I received in the mail yesterday for the sale this week-end
said 2 for 1 on all “Life-Like Locomotives” and 20% off everything
else in the store. The other specific specials:

-Bachmann buildings-75% off

-Estes Rockets (could find some creative use for them, I suppose.
Working Nike missle site?)

-RC fuel ( I won’t go there)

-Thomas The Tank-40% off for the burgeoning railfan

-Assembled Diecast Cars and Trucks-2 for 1. On my last visit there I
found a few of these which may work for the tail end of our era (’57
Chevy for example)

To include some freight car content, the stack of Westerfields at Des
Plaines is gone, and the P2K “time-savers” are starting to outnumber
the kits.



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Fellow Listers,

Just a heads-up, if nobody here has heard about this.
Does anyone familiar with Mr. Sebastian or Des Plaines
Hobbies know if this VERY under-the-radar sale applies
to P2K freight cars as well? Not that this helps us out
of state people, but you guys living in the area would
probably want to know about a 2-for-1 freight car sale!

Shawn Beckert

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Subject: [D] DesPlaines Hobbies sale


Due to the owner's sincere modesty, the world might
never know of the upcoming BIG event at DesPlaines

This Friday, Saturday, Sunday....BIG SALE.

One from the flyer that caught my eye:
P2K 1, get 1 free! Ron, is that ANY
P2K? Mix and match?

disclaimer: no affiliation, blah, blah

making my list,
Rich W

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