Hydra-Cushion (Was: Freight Car Oddities)


I wrote:
The SP started development in the early 1950s, and turned it over (with
funding) to Stanford Research Institute (as it was then called) in 1954. By
1955, they were ready for a try-out, and a single car of Class B-50-34 was
rebuilt with the "beta" Hydra-Cushion and reclassified as B-50-34-X (it
became car 650831 after the 1956 renumbering: the real tryout car if not
the protoype).
Should'na typed without checking. The last car of Class B-50-34, car no.
110249, was constructed by SP Equipment Co. in November, 1954, with a
prototype Hydra-Cushion underframe fabricated by Consolidated Western Steel
from SRI drawings. This car became 650831 in 1956, and was classified as
B-50-34-X at least as early as March, 1955.

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