Re: Freight Car Oddities - Fall 2003 SP Trainline

Lee Gautreaux


Were ALL member of class B-50-47 outfitted with Hydra-Cushion
underframes, including the T&NO cars? Who was the builder of this
class? Who was the commercial builder of the H/C underframes?

Also, I have class B-50-39 as including a single car, SP 650830. Is
this correct, or were there other cars built to this class? Thanks
for your input on this thread. This is all very important history.

Lee A. Gautreaux - The RailGoat

With modifications, the equipment was prepared for
production, first on part of the B-50-39 class of 1956 (using parts
by SRI), then in 1957 on Class B-50-47 using commercial parts,
which brings
us back to the red-gray car.

Tony Thompson

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