Re: BAR Reefers

tim gilbert <tgilbert@...>

George Hollwedel wrote:

Solves 1/2 the equation,
now when did the color change from blue and white to yellow/orange?
Would a blue and white one have lasted until 1953?
The Red, White and Blue STATE OF MAINE cars were not reefers, but were
boxcars - some of them insulated. The scheme started to be applied in
the early 1950's.

The BAR did not buy their first reefer until 1951. The first series 338
strong in 1/1953, #6000-6999, were ex-MDT reefers and were painted
yellow with black ends. The second series were the #7000-7856 which were
built by Pacific Car & Foundry - 500 in 1951-52 and another 357 in 1953.
These had yellow sides and ends. The #7000's were the ones rented to
PFE during the summer - the off-season for Aroostook County spuds.

Tim Gilbert

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