Re: Freight Car Oddities

Tim O'Connor

Were ALL member of class B-50-47 outfitted with Hydra-Cushion
underframes, including the T&NO cars? Who was the builder of this
class? Who was the commercial builder of the H/C underframes?

Lee, all of the B-50-47's had H/C underframes including the
T&NO cars. My notes say SP Equipment Co. was the builder of
all of the cars. Unfortunately I've never seen a photograph
of one of these!

Also, I have class B-50-39 as including a single car, SP 650830.
Is this correct, or were there other cars built to this class?

You're kind of correct. The 650830 was the only car BUILT AS a
B-50-39, but the 650831 (the rebuilt B-50-34X) was put into the
B-50-39 number series. Those are the only two in the "series".
In the SP Freight Car Spec sheets, the 650830 and 650831 each
get their own line-item. So they were both one-of-a-kinds in
spite of being lumped into the B-50-39 class number series

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