Re: DesPlaines Hobbies sale

Tim O'Connor


P2K at 50% off is no big deal. You can get those prices
any day on Ebay. I doubt that Ron has marked down the most
recent P2K stuff.

(I once took advantage of a P2K sale at Charles Ro -- got
all kinds of engines for $30-35 each. Now what the heck am
I gonna do with an E6?)

Fellow Listers,

Just a heads-up, if nobody here has heard about this.
Does anyone familiar with Mr. Sebastian or Des Plaines
Hobbies know if this VERY under-the-radar sale applies
to P2K freight cars as well? Not that this helps us out
of state people, but you guys living in the area would
probably want to know about a 2-for-1 freight car sale!

Shawn Beckert

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