Re: Hydra-Cushion (Was: Freight Car Oddities)

Tim O'Connor

Tony Thompson wrote

Should'na typed without checking. The last car of Class B-50-34, car no.
110249, was constructed by SP Equipment Co. in November, 1954, with a
prototype Hydra-Cushion underframe fabricated by Consolidated Western Steel
from SRI drawings. This car became 650831 in 1956, and was classified as
B-50-34-X at least as early as March, 1955.

And as Tony pointed out in another email in a galaxy long ago
and far away, from April 26, 1956 to November 30, 1956, the car
wore the number 171490!

Also according to an earlier Tony email, the 110249 was built on
December 28, 1954.

Keeping track of SP freight car renumbering is fun!

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