Re: NYS&W 501-524 40ft steel boxcars

Tim O'Connor


That's weird, I have scans of NYSW 501 and 510 and they are
40 foot cars. Also the 1965 ORER lists 501 to 524 as 40 foot
cars. The 3645 cubic feet is consistent with a 40 foot car,
not a 50 footer.

I have a 1980's scan of NYSW 526, a 40 foot PS1 painted in
a scheme just like the Rutland cars. One thing about the NYSW,
it was one weird railroad!

There is a photo of NYS&W 508 on p45 of Classic Freight Cars, Vol 7.

Atlas O applied this paint scheme to their steel rebuilt boxcar.

Does anyone know the origin of these cars?

All 24 cars in the 501-524 series is listed in the 4-66 ORER. This series
is not listed in the 1-59 ORER. I don't have any ORERs in between these

The ORER dimensions are IL 50ft 6in, IW 9ft 0in, IH 10ft 0in, HtopRB 14ft
8in, and cuft 3645.

The 5 panel steel sides have a double row of rivets at each panel seam.
The panel widths near the door on the left hand side suggest that the car
originally was an auto boxcar. The ends are 6/5/5 (counting from the top)
corrugated ends with inverted corrugations.

TIA for any help.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> -->> NOTE EMAIL CHANGE <<--
Sterling, Massachusetts

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