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Don Valentine

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Quoting Bruce Smith <smithbf@...>:
New England 2.5%
1 New Haven - 36� rebuilt (F&C)
1 B&M - ARA SS (F&C) *?

Great Lakes 18.1%
9 NYC (not PLE)
What????? No load of Vermont marble in a Rutland wood sided gon
the finished product or a Rutland flat (again, F&C) for larger
finished stuff
or unfinished being shipped to a finishing plant in the south, or a
40 ft. box with dolomite for paper or paint filler? The latter could
replace an NYC car. Jeez. What's a poor Vermonter to do??? (-:
and then
Horse hockey! The NH 36 ft. rebuild is the quintessential New
boxcar and is easily distinguishable from anything else except its
twins which were rebuilt to a different appearance and, thus, would
be confused with a New Haven one in our era. I have three NH 36
and no NH 37 AAR's, could not be happier, and cannot believe a real
Nutmeger would recommend otherwise.

At least I made you happy with the NH car <VBG>. Of course, the bottom
line is that you never know what will show up in the mix of cars out on
the road. The "gap" between the total and the planned number of cars
allows for some additional cars of interest (Like that Rutland box car,
or an A&S or...). Of course, I'm working on a detailed listing for
flats, gons, reefers and stock cars. I do have a Rutland stock car to
build too!

All right, Bruce, so I gave you a little ribbing on the lack of a
Rutland car and the choice Ted suggested for the New Haven boxcars but
a Rutland stock car in the American South??? Guess I'm from Missouri
on that one! And I suppose you have a photo of a prototype in said
region as well. <VBG>

Take care, Don Valentine

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