Re: What do you use to simulate log loads?

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

Unlike the others, I don't like natural twigs to simulate logs....I can always tell that they are twigs and one of my standards is to make ensure that modeling source material is generally unrecognizable. For example, having someone say, "I see that you are using sagebrush for tree armatures" would mean a failure on my part.

A company named McCloud produced some beautiful trees from an expanding foam years ago....their painting directions were right on the money and I was able to find enough of these logs at out-of-the-way hobby shops to fill my needs. Lacking those, my next choice (since they are easy) would be to use Kadee plastic logs and paint them according to the McCloud directions. My final option would be to make logs using the techniques outlined by Jack Work in Model Railroader many years ago, carving masters from plaster.

Jack Burgess

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