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Bruce: If you only need one Monon car it probably should be a 1937 AAR car,
450 of which arrived on the Monon in 1941 and 1942. I did a piece on them
in MAINLINE MODELER a few years ago. There were two series of these cars
with minor lettering variations between them as well as two kinds of trucks.
Red Caboose makes the car.

The first steel hoppers, 200 of them, arrived on the property in 1940 but
probably stayed pretty close to home hauling southern Indiana coal to State
owned institutions and points throughout the Midwest. They were offset side
cars so Athearn or Atlas would be the starting point.

There were also 60 flat cars, 53ft.6in. long that arrived in 1941 and they
did get around. They were fifteen pocket cars close to the LifeLike models,
but the scheme offered by LifeLike was a late 1940's -early 1950's paint
scheme too new for your needs.

There were some composite cars still in interchange service during your
period, but suitable models are not available. Unfortunately Westerfield's
wood Monon boxcar was off the roster by 1939.

Let me know if you need more info. Mont Switzer

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Continuing on my theme of trying to get the freight car balance correct
for my 1944 PRR layout, I've come up with the following. For boxcars
I use the regional percentages for 1943 and the percentages within each
region owned by the major railroads, provided by y'all (esp.Tim
Gilbert). I assigned Ted's list of signature cars, and began to
investigate which car classes are appropriate for each road. I will
need around 100 foreign box cars. The cars listed below with an
asterix are from Ted's list. The remainder are either cars I have
identified as being the major car, or that I have in my collection. In
some cases, such as the UP cars, I've given the fleet totals.

New England 2.5%
1 New Haven - 36' rebuilt (F&C)
1 B&M - ARA SS (F&C) *?

Great Lakes 18.1%
9 NYC (not PLE)
2 x USRA Steel *
50' single door (P2K)
2 Erie
1937 AAR, (Sun) *
50' single door (P2K)
2 Wabash
SS Autocar (Sunshine) *
1 DL&W - 1937 AAR (IMWX)*

Central East 18.1% (REMOVED PRR)
5 B&O
M53 Wagon top (West Shore) *
2 x M26 (X29 clone) *
1 Monon
1 C&EI

Pocahontas 3.1%
3 C&O
USRA SS (Westerfield 3303)
1 N&W

Southern 14.6%
4 Southern
1937 AAR (RC) *
DS Autocar (Sunshine) *
36' truss rod (Westerfield) *
3Illinois Central
2 L&N
B-3/4/5 ARA SS (F&C?)*
AF-1 Round roof (Sunshine)

Northwest 16.6%
4 Milwaukee
1-2 SS boxcar (Sunshine) *
Rib side (Sunshine) *
3 GN
DS boxcar (Sunshine) *
3 CN&W
SS "short" (Sunshine) *
3 NP
DS boxcar (Sunshine) *

Central West 19.3%
BX-11,12,13 SS (Westerfield) *
4 SP
Cotton Belt DS (Sunshine) *
B-50-13/14 (Sunshine) *
B-50-15/16 (Sunshine) *
4 UP
B-50-17 (Sunshine) (2282)
B-50-19/21/23 (RC?) (3065)
B-50-24/27 (Trix) (3357)
B-50-32/33 (Sunshine) (2749)
B-50-34/35 (PS-0, NEB&W) (50)
3 CB&Q
2 Rock Island

Southwest 7.6%
3 Mo Pac
Howe truss SS (Sunshine) *
SS boxcar (Sunshine) *
1 TN&O

You will note that there are some "holes" left...the cars above do not
add to 100. This gives me the flexibility to add in some unusual or
"rare" cars, at the right mix. Some others from Ted's list are:
CP minibox (F&C) *
LV "wrong way" (Sunshine/F&C) *

In addition, I have yet to identify many of the "signature cars" that
were not on Ted's list. Anyone with suggestions for the roads listed
in this table, please feel free to make them!! I am looking for the
dominant boxcar class for those roads (and hopefully, an HO scale

Happy Rails

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