Re: NYS&W 501-524 40ft steel boxcars

Tim O'Connor

That's weird, I have scans of NYSW 501 and 510 and they are 40 foot cars.
Sorry, my typo. The IL is 40 ft 6in, not 50 ft 6 in. Do the scans you have
match my description and/or the photo in Classic Freight Cars Vol 7?

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

Yes Larry, they are clearly rebuilds of something. Also, as I was digging
around looking for the BAR reefer photo, I found another NYSW photo - #504
in fairly new paint and it also has the 6/5/5 ends etc. So evidently based
on your photos and mine, all of the cars were rebuilds. But of what?

Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> -->> NOTE EMAIL CHANGE <<--
Sterling, Massachusetts

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