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Thanks. Yes, the cars are not directly usable from PRR X29's. but
the general appearance is similar. As you point out, there are
detail differences among the many roads that had similar cars, based
on the ARA design, which of course, the PRR wouldn't accept. From my
post you can see the differnce in ends and interior height

I'm working off a photo database I've created, and hopefully,
replying to the question of representative, or signature, cars to
fill out the 100 car roster. Details will need to be filled in by
others, such as you and the other members of the list will do. My
suggestions are prompts for those more knowledgeable than I for the
specific roads.

Hope we can bring out more information from the responses.

Regards, Travers, BaltimoreTerminal, 9-30-03

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On Monday, September 29, 2003, at 09:41 PM, baltimoreterminal wrote:

For the RDG, try 101000-102999, class XMu, blt 1930, IH 9-3, like
PRR X29, or 100000-100499, class XMt, blt 1925, IH: 8-8, like PRR X29,
except Murphy 7/8 ends.

These are the same cars I recommended. However, they are not like
the ARA/X29 design. They are variations on the USRA steel design so
widely used on the NYC.

I will try to dig up my drawings of these and scan them.

Ted Culotta

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