Am I missing something here?I would like to suggest that there are many more variables that have to be taken into consideration when building one's freight car roster.One should take into consideration the geographic area the as well as the period being modeled .Secondly, one should also consider the connecting roads.I believe that the interchange between roads would reflect a higher percentage of cars from the adjoining railroads and would not necessarily support the theory that cars from the largest roads show up in the same percentage of their total of national fleet.For example : If one is modeling a Northeastern road ,cars from the large western roads would not be present in the same proportion as cars from large eastern roads.( cars from the Pennsy and NYC would far out number the Union Pacific,Santa Fe or Southern Pacific) Sorry about that Mike. One should also look at traffic patterns of the various roads As another example,the C&O with its large fleet of hoppers would not show up as frequently as the Pennsy or B&O because most of their coal shipments were for "Tide Coal".As a basis of my theory,I have been examaning a large number of wheel reports for the period that I am modeling.What I am suggesting is that one should not merely rely on national ratios as indicated in an ORER.Armand Premo

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