Re: NYS&W 501-524 40ft steel boxcars

Tim O'Connor

Mont, I guess I'm not following you exactly. NYS&W acquired 35 cars
in 1952. In 1956, 25 were sold to the Monon. Two were retained on the
roster evidently to 1980 or even beyond. And 8 were vacated from the
roster by 1959 with unknown (to me) dispositions. I don't have an
ORER between 1953 and 1959, so I can't pin it down any better.

But they were all delivered with black roofs and ends, like this
Kadee model. (In fact, see RMJ 6/1993 for a 1956 photo of #418.)

Tim: I seem to recall when I researched the Monon cars I came to the
conclusion that the Monon did not get them all, but didn't pursue what
the NYS&W did with the remainder of them.

I've always been of the opinion that Pullman Standard had something to
do with the sale because of the way the Monon cars were painted. They
had black ends. Only new cars delivered to the Monon by P-S had black
ends. All other cars painted by the Monon had ends the same color as
the car sides. This is purely speculation. Mont

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Mont, the car in the circa 1980 photo matches those features, but
we're talking about 30 years later! By 1959 the NYSW only showed
two cars remaining of those 35 PS-1's they bought in 1952. What
happened to the other 8 is a mystery... the #526 could be either
the #401 or #402, which were still on the roster in 1972!

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