Re: Phospher Bronze Wire

Tim O'Connor

Al, here is a company selling phosphor bronze wire. I
have to say, it looks very similar in color to the wire
I have from CMA.

In any case, I'd guess someone using CMA wire for electrical
pickup won't be unhappy. Whatever the CMA wire is made of, I
like it better than DA brass wire because it seems less

We have Creative Model Associates to thank for our belief that this wire is
Phosphor Bronze (which is the colour of bronze) when I'm 99.99% sure it is
Beryllium Copper which is very commonly used in springs, like the Kadee
coupler springs. This is the same obfuscation that leads F&C to call their
resin polycarbonate. I understand that the perpetrators are actually
related, if only by marriage.

So; if you are sourcing from other than CMA, be careful what you buy.

Al Welch

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Sterling, Massachusetts

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